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An online lesson plan, supported by video clips, which includes the extraction, properties and uses of metals.

A video tutorial with accompanying notes to show you how to safely electrolyse a molten ionic compound, demonstrating that it conducts electricity and decomposes.

A video tutorial, with accompanying notes, showing a method that can be used to reduce copper oxide to produce copper.

An engaging cartoon that covers extraction of metals, properties of metals and alloys. There is a n interactive quiz at the end.

An entertaining and comprehensive cartoon which covers ions, electrolysis, purification of copper and the chlor-alkali industry.

An engaging cartoon which compares steel and aluminium in the production of cars. Rusting is also covered.

This webpage links to revision notes, multiple choice questions and exam-style questions, all focused on the extraction of metals.

A short revision video about electrolysis, with a particular focus on electroplating.

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