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An online lesson plan, supported by video clips, which includes frost shattering and the formation of igneous rocks.

Chemical weathering or: my breath and rock chippings from the car park. Practical exercise from excellent RSC JESEI site with teachers' and pupils' notes.

Worksheets and details of practical work to illustrate many aspects of rocks, weathering, rock cycle and carbon cycle.

A pack of lesson plans that can be downloaded, together with video clips from the BBC children's science show that are linked to each lesson. The pack has worksheets and suggested activities for KS3 and 4.

Details of different types of rocks, weathering and rock cycle. Also activity (video) and test.

Lovely Flash animation of the rock cycle; each section provides clickable links to further animations and information.

An interactive game based on key words that could be played in pairs or small groups, or on an interactive whiteboard.

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