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Make models of space exploration craft. Rated easy to challenging, some are even edible.

Use this video to explore the risk of aateroid impact, comets and what we learnt from the Cassini mission. There are suggestions for experiments or demonstrations and additional teaching notes about why the sky is blue that can be downloaded.

Useful background material as well as info on the Solar System, planets, phases of the moon... presented in an entertaining and accessible style.

A Blockbusters quiz about the Earth and Solar System.

Get pupils to play around with this interactive demo to see how the Earth moves around the Sun. Can they describe what is going on with the Moon?

An interactive activity to help children learn about the Earth, Sun and Moon.

A Blockbusters quiz about the Sun, Moon, Earth.

An excellent animation that shows the scale of the Universe

A wealth of resources about the Earth, Moon, Solar System and Universe

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