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Worksheets and details of practical work to illustrate many aspects of rocks, weathering, rock cycle and carbon cycle.

OPAL surveys and activities in your area, identification guides and Kids Zone with activities and quizes. Survey you can join, such as earthworms, bugs, trees.

Many different resources on adaptation, biodiversity and habitat loss, invasive species, variation and classification. Video clips, photos, teachers notes, worksheets, games. Covers plants and animals.

A factsheet about Alfred Russel Wallace on his expeditions and developing a theory of evolution.

Bitesize revision on different aspects of food chains. Information, an activity and a test.

This Bitesize site includes a simple flash activity, revision and quiz on a woodland habitat. Would be a good starter for this unit/topic

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 Habitats and environment
 Survival and competition
 Food chains and food webs
 Predator and prey
 Sampling and measuring abundance
 Pyramids of numbers or biomass
 Conservation and sustainable development
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