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Many different resources on adaptation, biodiversity and habitat loss, invasive species, variation and classification. Video clips, photos, teachers notes, worksheets, games. Covers plants and animals.

OPAL surveys and activities in your area, identification guides and Kids Zone with activities and quizes. Survey you can join, such as earthworms, bugs, trees.

Great selection of keys to help students identify fungi out in the field.

A fact sheet about Carl Linnaeus made by the Linnean Society to explain his achievements including how to identify and classify different organisms.

A factsheet about Alfred Russel Wallace on his expeditions and developing a theory of evolution.

Bitesize revision of the unit leading to a self test.

Thousands of video clips ideal for researching different animals. Pupils can investigate habitats, diet, body shape, distributions etc for project/poster work.

An excellent site with lots of information, pictures and videos of different vertebrates.

Flash interactive based on sexual practices of a range of different organisms.

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