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A set of interactives that let you do the experiments that Galileo did on dropping objects, projectiles and inclined planes.

Detailed practical instructions and other notes that explain how to show circular motion.

The site includes a video introduction, then instructions for making and flying tumblewings.

Show where satellites are now using this site from NASA.

Fun, interactive research-based simulations of physical phenomena that you can download or run from the site – this one covers projectile motion.

An animation that enables you to look at the effect of changing the angle of projection and velocity on the range.

A summary of the equations of motion with some test questions.

A site that revises velocity and acceleration, including the distance between a vector and a scalar, and methods of measuring velocity and acceleration.

The Physics Classroom Tutorial is an online physics tutorial written for physics students aged 14 – 16. This section covers apparent weightlessness in orbit. Students check their understanding after each section with self-check questions. There are some useful animations in the Multimedia Studios section on the site.

A site that revises pressure and density and how to calculate them.

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