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A blockbusters quiz that revises basic ideas about forces and motion

A set of interactives that let you do the experiments that Galileo did on dropping objects, projectiles and inclined planes.

A video showing experiments with a gigantic balloon that shows that air has mass.

Instructions about how to do an experiment with bouncing balls, including the explanation of the physics.

Detailed instructions about how to make a sophisticated air pressure rocket.

One of a set of animations that you can download an play. This one is about force mass and acceleration.

One of a set of animations that you can download an play. This one is about distance-time, speed- time and acceleration time graphs for a skater.

Detailed practical instructions and other notes that explain how organise a practical stretching sweet shoelaces.

Students watch the video then do a quiz

An excellent interactive animation that allows you to investigate the effect of forces on motion.

The Physics Classroom Tutorial is an online physics tutorial written for physics students aged 14 – 16. This section covers Newton's Laws including free-body diagrams, misconceptions, freefall and air resistance. Students check their understanding after each section with self-check questions. There are some useful animations in the Multimedia Studios section on the site.

A site that revises weight, mass, work and power.

An activity that revises types of forces, resultant forces and their effects, including terminal velocity and F=ma.

An interactive activity that explains how playing sports on the Moon would be different.

A site that revises forces, mass and acceleration and the link between forces and stopping distance.

A site that revises forces involved in braking, and thinking, braking and stopping distances.

A comprehensive site that covers forces, motion and pressure

A wealth of information about mechanics, very clearly presented.

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