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A blockbusters quiz about types of radiation, their uses and half life.

Detailed practical instructions and other notes that explain how to get a diffusion cloud chamber to work.

A set of resources for use in the teaching of medical physics including using electromagnetic waves, radioisotopes and ultrasound.

All you need to know about PET scanning.

Try to control the reactor when failures occur! Try different sequences then find out how power stations work using the information below.

One of a set of animations that you can download an play. This one is about measuring background radiation, absorbtion of radiation and radioactive decay.

A site that revises alpha, beta and gamma radiation, their properties and uses.

An activity that revises atomic structure, alpha, beta and gamma radiation, what they are, effect on DNA, decay, half life.

A site that revises half life, types of radiation and decay equations.

A site that revises background radiation, tracers, smoke detectors and dating rocks and carbon dating.

A site that revises the uses of X rays and gamma rays in medicine

An activity that revises fission, chain reactions and controlling them, and nuclear fusion.

A site that revises the structure of the atom and how we know, atomic mass and atomic number.

An activity that revises the life cycle of stars.

A site that revises the life cycle of a star.

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