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A blockbusters quiz that covers basic ideas about charges and circuits.

Detailed practical instructions and other notes that explain how to do Van der Graaf generator demonstrations.

Detailed practical instructions and other notes that explain how to make energy real with the SEP energy meter.

Fun, interactive research-based simulations of physical phenomena that you can download or run from the site – this one covers

A video from the National STEM Centre that explains how to do the power lines demo.

One of a set of animations that you can download and play. This one is uses the example of an electric motor lifting a weight You can measure the work done by the motor and its input and output powers. It starts at a very basic level and moves up in stages. Although the experiment seems simple it can be quite tricky to do for real. So this simulation helps get the ideas across and hopefully enthuses students to try it in the real world.

How to make conducting and insulating play dough with full instructions and ideas for the classroom

An interactive animation to construct circuits showing the charge flowing in all parts of the circuit.

Instructions on how to make an inexpensive electroscope to show charge

A great idea to get students to test if equipment works.

An excellent interactive animation that enables you to build circuits. Shows that charges are already in the wires.

Excellent interactive animation of what happens in terms of charge when you 'stick' a balloon to a wall.

Excellent interactive animation that show what happens in an AC circuit, and the impact of adding a capacitor.

A fun interactive animation that shows what happens when you get an electric shock from a door handle.

An excellent animation that shows the relationship between current, potential difference and resistance.

An activity that revises charging, attraction and repulsion, earthing, lightning and dangers and applications of electrostatics.

An activity that revises wiring a plug, fuses, earthing, choosing a fuse, ac and dc.

A site that revises current, voltage and power, fuses, circuit breakers and earthing.

An activity that revises circuit symbols, series and parallel circuits.

A site that revises resistance, Ohm's Law, current-voltage graphs, LDRs and thermistors.

A site that revises the link between current, charge, voltage, energy and power, including all the equations.

Detailed practical instructions and other notes that explain how to show the water model of a circuit.

A site that revises types of charge, charging objects and safety.

A site that revises uses of electrostatics.

A comprehensive site covering circuits, energy resources and electricity generation.

A site that revises basic electrical quantities, power and paying for electricity.

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