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A blockbusters quiz about electromagnetic waves.

Fun, interactive research-based simulations of physical phenomena that you can download or run from the site – this one covers the rormation of electromagnetic waves.

A video showing how you can show that your mobile phone uses microwaves.

A set of resources for use in the teaching of medical physics including using electromagnetic waves, radioisotopes and ultrasound.

All you need to know about PET scanning.

An activity that revises the electromagnetic spectrum.

An excellent activity that revises the uses of radio and microwaves for communication, and digital and analogue signals.

A site that revises the waves of the electromagnetic spectrum, uses and dangers. Then try the activity and do the test

A site that revises the uses of X rays and gamma rays in medicine

A tour of the spectrum that begins with radio waves and takes you through microwaves, infrared radiation, light, ultraviolet radiation, X-rays, and gamma rays. Hover over the pictures to find out more.

A site that revises sound and the electromagnetic spectrum.

A site that clearly explains the sources, uses and dangers of the waves of the e.m. spectrum.

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