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An online lesson plan, supported by video clips, which shows you how to structure practical activities for students to learn about conservation of mass.

A selection of challenging logic games that test students' knowledge and understanding.

An engaging cartoon that covers relative atomic mass, relative formula mass, percentage composition and atom economy.

A webpage with links to questions and quizzes covering a huge variety of chemical calculations.

A series of Bitesize pages written for OCR Gateway but useful for any syllabus that cover the fundamentals of quantitative chemistry.

A series of pages that revises indicators, pH curves, how to do a titration and how to process the results of a titration.

A series of revision pages that cover relative formula mass, reacting masses, percentage yield and percentage composition.

Linked pages that cover the conservation of mass and mass calculations using chemical equations, with a quiz at the end.

A simple page that compares batch and continuous processes.

A series of worked examples to explain how titration calculations are completed.

Worked examples of a variety of different types of mole calculations.

A collection of worked examples to help students understand how to perform concentration calculations.

A sequence of revision pages that cover percentage composition and empirical formulae calculations.

A revision page that covers how to do calculations involving moles in solutions.

A series of pages that revises how to collect and measure gases, and how to do mole calculations with gases.

A concise summary of RAM, isotopes and moles.

A simple explanation of how to calculate the empirical formula of a compound.

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