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This page and the ones that follow summarise chromatography, including the method and the analysis.

A selection of challenging logic games that test students' knowledge and understanding.

A multiple choice quiz that covers a variety of chemical tests, including the use of NaOH, flame testing, and testing for sulfate ions, halide ions and carbonate ions.

A brief summary of flame tests for group 1 ions.

A simple summary of using sodium hydroxide to test for transition metal ions.

A simple summary of how to test for aqueous halide ions and sulfate ions.

A concise summary of chromatography, including the calculation of Rf values.

A series of worked examples to explain how titration calculations are completed.

This is a very good resource for showing students some of the work that goes on within the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. It consists of a series of virtual tours through synthetic and analytical chemistry laboratories, a pilot plant and an automated chemistry laboratory. Additional information and explanations provide detail of equipment and activities in the locations.

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