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A short video clip shows a group of students growing bacterial cultures on agar plates.

MRSA and TB resistance are covered. Linked pages include pathogens, transmission of disease and antibiotics.

The resource details a student investigate into the effect of different preservatives on frozen peas. It helps students to understand that food decay is caused by the action of microbes, and therefore preservatives work by reducing microbe activity. Teacher notes, apparatus list, safety guidance and student instructions are included.

An overview of types of bacteria and the illnesses they cause. Linked pages include viruses, immunity and culturing microorganisms.

A brief description of viruses and some of the diseases they cause. Linked pages include bacteria, immunity and culturing microorganisms.

Direct and indirect methods of transmission are covered. Linked pages include an overview of pathogens and animal/plant defences against infection.

Typical antibiotics are given, as well as their role and function. Linked pages include pathogens and their transmission.

An overview of the use of yeast in making bread and beer. Linked pages include making cheese and yoghurt with microorganisms.

An overview of fermentation. The equation given here has 'energy' as a product. Linked pages include the use of yeast to make bread and beer.

A one page summary of bacteria and viruses and the role they play in disease.

From the NHS website

A set of animated slides with audio commentary that allows students to explore how pathogens cause disease and the body’s subsequent immune response. Transmission of pathogens is discussed using examples of malaria, athlete’s foot and HIV/AIDS. Non-specific immunity, phagocytosis and antibody production in active immunity is covered. Immunisation and vaccination are explained in detail and the implications of immunisation programmes in society considered. An opinions section can be used to debate the benefits and risks of MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) combined immunisation.

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