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Multimedia guide to cancer biology

The process of mitosis is explained in text, animation, video and by a rap.

A description of diffusion using text, animation and rap. The defintion of diffusion is clearly stated. Examples of where diffusion occur in the human body are also given.

A description of osmosis using text, animation and a rap. The defition is clearly given.

A description of the process of meiosis using text and an animation. The steps are clearly described.

A video clip and summary of the processes of mitosis and meiosis.

A short video clip which explains the processes of mitosis and meiosis.

A short video clip which explains the process of diffusion.

A short but excellent video clip which introduces DNA, protein synthesis and the HGP.

A description of stem cells and a brief introduction to treatments that might use them.

An overview of the steps in protein synthesis. Transcription and translation are not mentioned.

A detailed description of transcription and translation, with images showing some of the steps.

A description of cell specialisation in plants, which includes cloning (cuttings), rooting hormones, meristems and phototropism.

A brief description of cell specialisation in animals, which includes the switching on and off of genes.

A description of plant and animal cells including the roles of cell components.

Teachers may want to read the section on ethics before recommending to students.

A page of information on how bacterial cells differ to animal cells.

A set of slides with commentary that describes fertilisation, embryo development and the growth of body tissues. Details look at stem cells and their use in treating conditions such as spinal injury, diabetes and heart disease. A quiz allows students to test their knowledge and an opinions section can be used to stimulate debate on the use of stem cells.

A clever animation from The University of Utah.

This animation is brief and misses out key steps that students may need to know. It is useful as an overview and comparison.

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