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Detailed practical instructions and other notes that explain how to make a forcemeter

An experiment to show that an object falling through water reaches a constant terminal velocity.

This demonstration is an exploration of which factors affect the force of friction when one surface slides across another and which do not.

Ideas on how to introduce the concept of density. Note that not all links work. Direct pupils to click on

An outline of a fun activity. Pupils design and launch a water powered plastic soft drinks bottle with an egg attached. there are points for length of time in the air and survival of the egg. You could use the

4 web pages about friction in everyday life. This could be useful as a homework activity. There is a lot to read through and not a lot of visual impact.

How to make the world's simplest Cartesian diver.

Detailed practical instructions and other notes that explains how to demonstrate the drag effect of fluids.

Short video clip from 'Bang Goes the Theory' showing the effect of friction. Lesson plan also provided with great ideas that can be adapted for your age group. Very effective to try (with care!) in the classroom with telephone directories or shopping catalogues.

Using a power drill, a basketball, a smelly sock, and a range of other bizarre props, Dr Ken Farquhar hosts a science workshop for Year 9 pupils, Ken helps the pupils understand principles such as gravity, friction, air resistance and gyroscopic forces.

Detailed practical instructions and other notes that explain Newton's Law

A pack of lesson plans that can be downloaded, together with video clips from the BBC children's science show that are linked to each lesson. The pack has worksheets and suggested activities for KS3 and 4.

A pack of lesson plans and linked video clips from the lectures, which can be used to teach a variety of science concepts.

Information page on the difference between mass and weight. Nice exercise to calculate pupils' weight on different planets. Reference to 'other worlds' could lead to misconceptions.

Information about aerodynamic drag as a consequence of surface friction on the cyclist.

Three page slideshow summary of this learning objective. Very short but still quite useful

A new interactive game tackling the interpretation of distance/time graphs in the context of a football match.

Fun activity looking at forces acting on a toy car with a short quiz.

Explore the physics behind Kung Fu with this very visual multimedia site. Some quite difficult science for this age group but might inspire some.

A series of pages explaining the physics of amusement park rides, includes a number of interactive activities.

An online experiment to investigate the effect of different surfaces on friction.

Pupils use jets of gas to control a cosmonaut in space. An excellent way of demonstrating Newton's Laws of motion.

4 short videos on friction. Quicktime required

An interactive problem solving activity about gynmastics

An animated interactive site on balanced and unbalanced forces.

An introduction to forces and motion. Pupils could explore pages 1 - 8

An explanation of balanced forces. Pupils can explore pages 5 and 6

A site to revise unbalanced forces,

An applet that shows the effect of thinking and braking distances on overall stopping distance

A site that revises frictional forces.

Students use their knowledge of air resistance, balanced forces and gravity to play the game

Students use their knowledge of friction to play the game

An excellent interactive animation that allows you to investigate the effect of forces on motion.

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