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An outline of a fun activity. Pupils design and launch a water powered plastic soft drinks bottle with an egg attached. there are points for length of time in the air and survival of the egg. You could use the

2 videos that can be analysed frame by frame to study how falling is independent of mass.

A thought provoking exercise about gravity. Useful as a starter to a lesson.

Information page on the difference between mass and weight. Nice exercise to calculate pupils' weight on different planets. Reference to 'other worlds' could lead to misconceptions.

A wealth of information and some great interactive simulations about gravity.

Three short videos on gravity. Quicktime required.

Two simple activities to help in the understanding of gravity.

An interactive experiment simulating Galileo's Pisa Experiment. Click on the picture to get started.

Complete a number of tasks by controlling the thrust and angle of a rocket launch.

An interactive activity that explains how playing sports on the Moon would be different.

A page explaining the difference between mass and weight.

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