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A selection of short, engaging practical demonstrations on various biology, chemistry and physics topics. The page also leads to many other useful resources. You will need to join TES in order to download the demonstrations but it is free and only takes 30 seconds!

Simple drag and drop exercise identifying parts of the respiratory system.

Lung anatomy and an interactive feature on asthma.

A SCIENCE-biology random m/c quiz. May be a little hard for some 11-14 year olds.

Word games on the lungs and the respiratory system (as well as some information pages). Some puzzles and fun activities.

Students choose to answer the same questions in a football penalty shootout, basketball hoop shoot, or deal or no deal set up. All questions are about structure and function. Good fun and students can modify their goal keeper to a variety of famous players and celebrities.

Complete a drag and drop exercise the label the heart and the key features of arteries and veins.

Answer to this question from a cool FAQ site for kids, relating it to the need for oxygen

Photos and descriptive text of how fish and water animals breath. Lacks much interactivity, but is advert free. A good follow up resource.

Bitesize revision of respiration, leading to an activity and a short test.

Bitesize revision of the respiratory system, leading to an activity and a short test.

There are 8 pages in this electronic resource including information about: * Gas exchange * The respiratory system * Breathing * Asthma * Treating asthma * Artifical lung Interactive features include a glossary, quiz questions and diagrams. Could also be used in year 9 unit 9B.

Respiration in an Accent of Everest Context. Diagrams and text of the respiratory system. Some overlap with the cardiovascular system.

Set of handouts, lesson objectives and web links for an activity on hay fever and its effect on the respiratory system.

Teachers page with graded definitions and lots of links to further site (these have not all been checked).

Bitesize revision of gas exchange, leading to an activity and a short test.

Information on lungs, including the role they play in our respiratory system and how to keep your lungs healthy.

Information on the heart and circulatory system, including how to keep your heart healthy.

A diagram, some information and links to further websites.

A site with sections on reactions, elements, light, electricity, plants and the body.

The respiratory system, breathing and gas exchange all feature in this interactive web resource. The resource also looks at what happens when the respiratory system does not work as it should - for example when someone has asthma.

Good background information on different organ systems.

A short simple summary of anaerobic respiration on a GCSE site but suitable for 11-14 year olds.

Students can use this resource to learn about lung structure and function. Split into sections, processes such as gas exchange, exercise and breathing rate, effects of smoking and other lung disorders. Asthma, its causes and treatment, are described in detail. Aimed at more able students, there is a lot of information and good diagrams, as well as self-test questions.

This free trial animation shows your pupils how the chambers and valves of the heart function in order to pump blood around the body. This resource includes an animated schematic of the circulatory system. The interactive labels provide you with a number of class activities for teaching your pupils the structure of the heart. It does however have the word preview over the picture.

A GCSE revision page but nice clear format makes the content accessible to 11-14 years olds too.

A nice animation summary of the plant respiration word equation.

Unlabeled diagram to add the structure labels. Terms defined below diagram. Could easily be projected and used as a class activity with matching copy for students.

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