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A selection of short, engaging practical demonstrations on various biology, chemistry and physics topics. The page also leads to many other useful resources. You will need to join TES in order to download the demonstrations but it is free and only takes 30 seconds!

A cross-curricular 'Triple Crossed' activity. Working in teams, pupils identify which food group is lacking in 4 food diaries, then compare past and present food miles. A discussion on the environmental impact of the food transportation can be developed. Good for 11-14 or extension/ enrichment at ages 8-11.

A ' Bang Goes the Theory' lesson plan and video clip, aimed at 11-14 year olds, though has useful elements for 10-11 year olds too.

A BBC bitesize interactive activity to demonstrate 4 food tests.

A game looking at how lifestyle, gender and age affects what diet we require. Could be done as individuals or as a whole class.

An informative tour through the digestive system. American spellings.

Two pages including detail of how digested food is absorbed into the blood. Complex but clear - useful

Bitesize looks at what food types are needed, how they are digested (leading to a self test).

An introduction to the bodies need for fuel.

Three pages to describe the organs of the digestive system, uses of enzymes and uses of the products of digestion.

Slides to show the action of amylase on starch using the visking tubing experiment. Good for scientific investigation.

Healthy eating tools to see if you are eating a balanced diet

A prettyintroduction to the digestive system.

Great games for exploring a healthy diet

The activity covers the types of food needed by the body including vitamins, minerals, carbohydrate, protein, fat, fibre and water needed each day.

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