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A page on energy resources, with downloadable worksheets for pupils to completel.

Links to pages of information about different energy sources, renewable and non-renewable.

A useful interactive map that shows the relative amounts of different types of resources by country

A lesson plan that shows how to make a drag racer out of a mouse trap

Section of the EDF Power Up! site dealing with energy and electricity in the environment, including hazards of high voltage and some environmental consequences. Includes some Flash based activities

Fun with words - click on some common words to find out how they are used in the energy industry. There are some surprises in store!

An interactive site about preventing energy wastage, includes games. Game is a bit frustrating!

Revision of energy basics and transfer, renewable and non-renewable sources and saving energy.

A game that asks pupils to make choices about the construction of a house.

A Blockbusters quiz about generating electricity and problems such as the greenhouse effect and pollution.

A blockbusters quiz about generating electricity

A series of pages explaining the physics of amusement park rides, includes a number of interactive activities.

A site that revises energy transfers between stores.

Short clear summary of non renewable energy resources, could instruct students to explore pages 5 to 7

A site that revises renewable energy sources.

A site that revises generating electricity and saving energy.

A Blockbusters quiz about energy.

Basic facts about oil, how it was formed, how is refined, data about production and environmental issues.

Resource from the US EIA about natural gas - its formation, location, extraction, uses and the environmental consequences. Well illustrated.

Info on coal from the US EIA - how it is formed, where it is found, how it is extracted and used, types, and environmental consequences. Well illustrated. Info on location is entirely US oriented.

US EIA information page on solar energy - how photovoltaic cells work and the different varieties of solar generator used.

US EIA page on wind energy - its history, how wind generators work, and the different types available.

Crosswords and word search puzzles covering a range of topics on renewable and non-renewable sources of energy and its uses. Some are harder than others.

A game to raise awareness of energy conservation in the home.

4 simple ways to save energy, information about renewable energy and games.

An animated and interactive page on types of energy and energy transfers.

A whole range of interactive activities to introduce pupils to energy. Requires speakers.

Information about sources of energy for electrical generation, with some good games and other links.

A page about sources and types of energy. Some fun energy games and a quiz. Teacher notes supplied. instruct students to go through from the 4 sections: 'the source' , 'power up' , 'everyday use' and 'the environment', play the games and think about the questions for each section

A game where pupils have to power a city with the minimum environmental impact and for the lowest cost?

An interactive page with information about fossil fuels.

22 pages on every aspect of energy. What it is, where we get it from to how we use it.

2 animated slides showing oil formation and trapping.

An introduction to biomass - the energy cycle in living matter.

A page about the forms, conservation and sources of energy. Better for more able, even then, they would need a focus e.g. turn this info into a poster/spider diagram.

An excellent interactive animation that enables you to find out about the energy transfers when a skateboarder skates on a track.

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