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A good site for teaching about electricity and electricity safety. Areas for both 5-11 and 11-14 students.

A great idea to get students to test if equipment works.

Introduction to series circuits from and British Energy, with a quiz and an interactive exercise.

Ideas about circuits with an interactive circuit builder

A site to revise charge, symbols, current and voltage.

An animated interactive site building circuits.

The website of the Electrical Safety Council geared to teens

A site that revises charge and current.

A site that revises circuit symbols and diagrams

A site that revises series and parallel circuits.

A site that revises measuring current and voltage.

A site that revises current in series circuits.

A game that needs ciruit knowledge to solve it

An interactive activity involving making changes to a simple circuit involving conductors and insulators.

An interactive activity on circuits and conductors.

A fun activity to help children learn about electrical circuits and conductors. Includes a quiz.

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