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BBC Bitesize revision aid on acids and bases and reaction with metals to form salts.

A pack of lesson plans that can be downloaded, together with video clips from the BBC children's science show that are linked to each lesson. The pack has worksheets and suggested activities for KS3 and 4.

A collection of engaging games that challenge students' knowledge and logic.

A revision video from Bitesize that recaps the pH scale, universal indicator and the relevance of this to the acidification of the oceans due to atmospheric pollution.

Drag and drop gap-fill quiz, followed by a matching game (household objects to their pH )

A simple interactive activity in which students use litmus and UI paper strips to test the pH of some household substances. They earn extra points by using their existing knowledge.

An interactive wordsearch about acids and alkalis.

A fun interactive take on Hangman, where students have to guess the word before the granny is abducted by aliens.

Simple drag and drop activity on the pH scale from Doc Brown's Chemistry Clinic.

Crossword from Creative Chemistry on acids, alkalis and salts

Introduction to acids, bases and the pH scale related to the numbers of H+ and OH- ions present with quiz

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