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A collection of engaging games that challenge students' knowledge and logic.

Excellent, comprehensive, coverage of atoms and elements, from BBC Bitesize. Well-matched to the lower secondary curriculum.

Excellent, clearly presented revision material on compounds, mixtures and separating from BBC bitesize. There is also a good multiple choice quiz.

An interactive site which allows students to build simple molecules from C, O and H atoms. The site also features an animation of changes of state.

An interactive game based on key words that could be played in pairs or small groups, or on an interactive whiteboard.

This practical activity models the extraction of copper from malachite, which is a copper ore consisting of copper(II) carbonate. In the school laboratory, copper is extracted from copper(II) carbonate by first heating to form copper(II) oxide and then reducing to produce the metal. Teacher notes, apparatus list, student guidance and safety points are included.

Summary information and simple quiz question on the difference between elements and compounds

Matching pairs exercise to match molecular diagrams of elements, compounds and mixtures to their descriptions.

Materials Database from GSK Active Science, containing data on properties of common (including man made) materials, for pupils to interrogate to find those suitable for particular purposes

A 'who wants to be millionaire' style quiz on mixtures, elements and compounds. Each time the game is reloaded a new set of quesitons are used. Quite a difficult quiz, also covers balancing equations. Probably a bit much for this level

20 questions on Physical and chemical change with printable answer sheet at the end for grading.

Multiple choice quiz on elements, compounds and mixtures.

Interactive video clip with clear basic info on elements, mixtures and compounds how to separate them from BBC Bitesize

Revision quiz covering compounds and mixtures.

Explanation about chemical reactions and balancing equations with some quizes.

Interactive periodic table of elements with a lot of information.

A quiz on elements

Basic information and simple quiz question on the representation of elements and compounds by symbols

Clear simple explanation of some chemical reactions with particle diagrams, extended on the following few pages

Gives information on writing word and balancing simple symbol equations.

A simple but helpful summary of compounds and formulae.

Quiz relating to atoms and elements

Word fill asking students to associate states (s, l, g) and properties (element / compound / mixture) with common substances

A 'hot potatoes' quiz on elements, compounds and mixtures. Useful for pupils to check their understanding.

A good slide show to explain the differences between mixtures, elements and compounds. The language is a bit technical but it conveys a lot of useful information.

Some good background information on elements and compounds. Includes interactive questions within the text.

Bitesize teacher resource on classifying materials

Interactive Periodic table with information about elements.

Lots of information about copper from the Copper Development Association, including a history of how it has been extracted and used for the past 60 centuries.

The best periodic table that I have come across for kids.

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