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A charity that tries to use practical solutions to provide safe water, effective sanitation and hygiene education to the world’s poorest people. There are case studies of children in the developing world and how they collect their water. Useful for cross curricular links.Quite complex for this level

Some useful info to clarify the important concepts associated with solids, liquids and gases, and changes of state.

Animations exploring different topics related to solids, liquids and gases. Includes and introduction and summaries of solids, liquids, gases, changing solids to liquids to gases, dissolving, changing states of water, reversible and non-reversible changes and a glossary. Can be used with KS1 with teacher guidance.

Set of handouts and activities on a number of Primary topics: Light; Moving & Growing; Variation; Magnets & Springs; Earth, Sun & Moon; States; Materials; Teeth; Healthy Eating; Food Chains; Minibeasts; Life Cycles; Habitats. Well animated student activities that would work very well in interactive white boards. Scroll down for the activity. Requires Flash.

'Invigorate' cross curricular activity. Learn more about the water cycle, electrical conductors and insulators and make a glass harp, whilst learning more about Benjamin Franklin. Includes teacher notes, mix and match activities and a quiz.

Clear drag and drop activity designed for interactive whiteboards. Click Menu to access a water cycle flash game. Clear and students can check answers. Spelling error: reversable

A clear and easy to follow simple exercise in changing ice to water to steam, including changes in shape and volume. Follows with a revision test. Requires Flash.

A simple interactive simulation in which students can explore the fact that different solids melt at different temperatures. There is also a quiz.

Revision information on changing states. Includes an interactive activity and a quiz.

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