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Some useful info to clarify the important concepts associated with solids, liquids and gases, and changes of state.

Animations exploring different topics related to solids, liquids and gases. Includes and introduction and summaries of solids, liquids, gases, changing solids to liquids to gases, dissolving, changing states of water, reversible and non-reversible changes and a glossary. Can be used with KS1 with teacher guidance.

Cross-curricular 'Invigorate' activity, linking well to Geography, History (exploration) and PSHCE. Throught the context of exploration, find out more about Cook and Franklin at the South and North Poles, investigate ice and currents and use red cabbage indicator to test liquids.

Cross curricular 'Invigorate' Activity all about scientific inquiry Discover more about scientists past and present, make a pulse detector, find out about air, take a quiz onclimbing Mt Everest,see what happens to marshmallows in a vacuum.

The properties of solids, liquids and gases - cartoon animations Downloadable worksheets and further information for teachers Quiz

An interactive simulation that allows students to explore evaporation, diffusion and condensation. There is also a quiz for them to do.

Revision information on changing states. Includes an interactive activity and a quiz.

Revision information on solids, liquids and gases. Includes an interactive activity and a quiz.

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