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Describing motion from The Physics Classroom
Read through each section and then check your understanding by doing the questions at the end.

Acceleration (BBC Bitesize)
Read all about acceleration, speed time graphs and how to find distance, and the difference between speed and velocity. Then try the activity and do the test!

Distance and velocity graph activity (BBC Bitesize)
Watch the animation on distance-time and velocity-time graphs then do the quiz!

Resultant forces and terminal velocity activity (BBC Bitesize)
Watch the animation on types of forces, resultant forces and their effects, including terminal velocity and F=ma. then do the quiz!

Making and flying tumblewings
The site includes a video introduction, then instructions so you can make and fly tumblewings.

The Universe and More Graphing Game
Try to match the line on the graph by setting the initial position and velocity sliders then press Start to see if you were right!

Equations of Motion
Work through the summary using the arrow at the top left hand corner, then try the questions.

Velocity and accleration
Work through the pages on velocity and acceleration completing the questions as you go.

Distance-time graphs
Work through the pages to find out about distance-graphs and complete the questions as you go.

Velocity-time graphs
Work through the pages to find out about distance-graphs and complete the questions as you go.

Speed and acceleration for a brave skater (PhysLab)
This animation shows a brave rocket-powered skater on very smooth ice in a vacuum! You can fire the rockets forwards or backwards and give the skater a constant acceleration. The experiments are to send the skater on a journey and obtain matching sets of distance/time speed/time and acceleration/time graphs for the motion.You can also experiment with terminal velocity by introducing air resistance.

Forces in 1 Dimension Animation
Apply a force to different objects and watch the graphs of force, velocity and acceleration plotted in real time!

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