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Humans and the environment activity (BBC Bitesize)
Watch the animation on the impact of humans and global warming radiation then do the quiz!

Global warming (BBC Bitesize)
Read all about the greenhouse effect, global warming and climate change. Then try the test!

Acid rain video clip (BBC Class Clips)
Watch this video clip to find out about the causes and effects of acid rain.

Earth and atmosphere (s-cool)
Follow the links to concise revision notes on the Earth and atmosphere, then have a go at the multiple choice questions and exam style questions.

Products from crude oil quizzes (Doc Brown)
Have a go at these quizzes to test your understanding of the chemistry of crude oil products.

Earth science quizzes (Doc Brown)
Have a go at the quizzes and activities on Earth science.

The ozone layer and CFCs (BBC Bitesize)
Read this page to find out about the ozone layer and CFCs.

Ozone layer - Bitesize
Read through these pages to review your understanding of the chemistry of the ozone layer.

Green chemistry - Bitesize
Read through this page for a useful summary of Grfeen Chemistry.

The atmosphere (s-cool)
Read this summary of what gases are present in the atmosphere and where they came from.

Fertilisers (BBC Bitesize)
An explanation of what fertilisers are, how they work and the potential side effects of their overuse.

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