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Homeostasis video clip
A video clip which explains how our bodies regulate water content, temperature and blood glucose (called homeostasis)

Immune system video clip (BBC Bitesize)
An interactive video clip that explains how the immune system works, including some common infections and antibiotics.

Blood sugar (BBC Bitesize)
We control the amount of glucose in our blood using hormones. Click here to find out how.

Vaccination (BBC Bitesize)
Vaccines are used to protect is from some diseases. Click here to learn more.

Immunity (BBC Bitesize)
Our bodies' defence against infection is called our immune system. Click here to learn more.

Transplants (BBC Bitesize)
Click here to watch a short video on heart and lung transplants.

The skeleton game (BBC)
Click here to learn about the different bones in your body and how they work.

Daily rhythm test (BBC)
Click here to take a test into your natural, daily rhythm (or circadian rhythm).

Antibiotics and antiseptics (BBC Bitesize)
Learn the differences between antibiotics and antiseptics, how they were discovered and what they do.

Homeostasis (BBC Bitesize)
Click here to learn how our bodies maintain our internal environments (homeostasis).

The human body and mind (BBC)
Click here for an index for many webpages about your body, including bones, muscles and puberty.

Monoclonal antibodies
Read this page and watch the video clip to learn what monoclonal antibodies are and how they can be used to treat cancer.

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