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Nervous system video clip
An interactive video clip that describes the nervous system, including receptors and effectors.

The nervous system (BBC Bitesize)
Open this site to learn more about the nervous system, including the parts involved.

The eye (BBC Bitesize)
Click here to learn how the eye works and why some people have problems with their vision.

Neurones and synapses (BBC Bitesize)
Learn how neurones and synapses help our nervous system adapt to changes in our environment.

The nervous system game (BBC)
Match the parts of the body with their functions and where they connect to the nervous system in this game.

Brain map (BBC)
Click here to open an interactive map of the brain which will help your revise its parts and their functions.

The brain (BBC Bitesize)
Learn how the brain controls our bodies and in detail how it remembers things.

The human body and mind (BBC)
Click here for an index for many webpages about your body, including bones, muscles and puberty.

Sciberbrain - Brain chemistry
Use these animated slides to find out how the brain, nerve cells and the nervous system work. What happens when things go wrong in depression or dementia? Find out how medications can help. Test your knowledge with the quiz.

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