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Inside Cancer
Explore the prevention, causes, diagnosis and treatment of cancers.

DNA video clip (BBC Bitesize)
An interactive video clip which describes the structure and function of DNA, including chromosomes, genes and protein synthesis.

Inheritance video clip (BBC Bitesize)
An interactive video which explains inheritance, using eye colour and genetic disorders as examples. Genetic diagrams are used to do this.

Brain gender challenge (BBC)
Click here to complete a quiz to see if you have a man's or woman's brain.

Gender determination (BBC Bitesize)
Have you ever wondered why you are the gender you are? Click here to find out.

Genetic disorders (BBC Bitesize)
Some people are born with genetic disorders that they inherit from their parents. Click here to find out about three common examples.

Inheritance (BBC Bitesize)
Click here to learn more about inheritance, including why your ears and eyes are either like or unlike your parents.

Talking glossary of genetic terms
Click here to listen to some important scientists explain the key genetic words to you.

Sciberbrain - Genetic engineering
What controls cells and development? How are genes moved from one species to another by genetic engineering? Use the animated slideshow to find out about cells, genes, chromosomes, and test your knowledge with the quiz.

Genetics Glossary
Glossary of key terms for genetics.

Genetics in Medicine part 1
A paper on genetics in medicine - extra information for students interested in genetics and its implications for medicine.

Genetics in Medicine part 2
Paper that describes interaction between genetics and medicine - good information for reading around the subject for interested students.

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