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Respiration and exercise video clip (BBC Bitesize)
An interactive video clip which describes the differences between aerobic and anaerobic respiration and the effects of exercise on the body.

The circulatory system video clip (BBC Bitesize)
An interactive video clip which describes the circulatory system, including the function of the heart and heart disease caused by genetic and enviromental factors.

Respiration video clip (BBC Bitesize)
How respiration releases energy from food is explained in a video clip and a list of key points.

The circulatory system (BBC Bitesize)
The circulatory system pumps blood and other substances around our bodies. Visit this site to learn how it does this.

The heart (BBC Bitesize)
Click here to learn the structure and function of the heart.

Exercise (BBC Bitesize)
Learn what effects exercise has upon your body.

Respiration (BBC Bitesize)
Respiration is not breathing! Click here to learn about this vital cellular reaction.

The human body and mind (BBC)
Click here for an index for many webpages about your body, including bones, muscles and puberty.

The blood (S-cool)
Click here to learn about the parts of our blood.

Blood vessels (S-cool)
Visit this webpage to find out about arteries, veins and capillaries.

The heart (S-cool)
Find out how your heart works by reading this webpage.

Breathing and asthma
Use this resource to find out how the lungs work, how oxygen enters your body and how carbon dioxide is removed. Find out about asthma, how it affects the lungs and how medicines can be used to treat an asthma attack.

Heart and circulation
With this resource you will be able to find out about the heart and circulation in humans. Explanations will help you to understand how the heart pumps blood around the body and how it carries oxygen. View the animations and test yourself using the quiz questions.

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