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Blockbuster quiz on basic electrostatics and circuits
Click on the letters and answer the questions - try to make it across the board!

Electrostatics activity (BBC Bitesize)
Watch the animation on charging, attraction and repulsion, earthing, lightning and dangers and applications of electrostatics.

Mains electricity safety activity (BBC Bitesize)
Watch the animation on wiring a plug, fuses, earthing, choosing a fuse, a.c. and d.c.and do the questions as you go!

Circuits and safety (BBC Bitesize)
Read all about current, voltage and power, fuses, circuit breakers and earthing. Then try the activity and do the test!

Series and Parallel Circuits activity (BBC Bitesize)
Watch the animation on then do the quiz!

Charge, current and power (BBC Bitesize)
Read all about the link between current, charge, voltage, energy and power, including all the equations. Then try the activity and do the test!

John Travoltage - static electricity using interactive animations (PhET)
Run the simulation. Make sparks fly with John Travoltage. Wiggle Johnnie's foot and he picks up charges from the carpet. Bring his hand close to the door knob and get rid of the excess charge.

Circuit construction kit applet (PhET)
Download this interactive animation and construct your own circuits!

Balloons and Static Electricity Animation
Rub the balloon against the jumper and stick it to the wall. Watch what happens in terms of charge.

Circuit Construction Kit - AC and DC - Animation
Make a circuit with an AC voltage source and look at what happens to the charges. Try adding a capacitor to the circuit.

John Travoltage - Animation
Charge up John Travoltage and discharge him using the door handle!

Ohm's Law
Change the values of potential difference and resistance and look at what happens to the current.

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