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Chromatography - Bitesize
Read through this page and the ones that follow to review your understanding of chromatography.

Gridlocks (RSC)
Choose the topic you want from the list on the left. There is a video explaining how to play Gridlocks if you need it.

Testing for ions (Doc Brown)
Have a go at this multiple choice quiz which covers a variety of methods to test for ions in solution.

Flame tests (BBC Bitesize)
Find out how to test for metal ions using flame tests.

Precipitation tests for metal ions (BBC Bitesize)
Find out how sodium hydroxide can be used to test for transition metal ions.

Testing for halide and sulfate ions (BBC Bitesize)
Read this page to find out how to test for aqueous halide ions and sulfate ions.

Chromatography (BBC Bitesize)
Read this page to find out about chromatography and how to calculate Rf values.

Titration calculations (Doc Brown)
Follow the worked examples to see how titration calculations are completed.

Laboratory and pilot plant tours
Do you want to find out about science laboratories and the scientists that work in them? This resource has virtual tours, and extra information, to show you inside chemistry laboratories in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

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