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Electrolysis cartoon (BBC Bitesize)
Watch this interactive cartoon to find out more about ions, electrolysis, how copper is purified and how sodium chloride is split up into useful chemicals.

Limestone cartoon (BBC Bitesize)
Watch this short cartoon to find out about limestone and what it is used for. There is a short quiz at the end.

Reversible reactions and the Haber process cartoon (BBC Bitesize)
Watch the cartoon to find out about reversible reactions, energy changes and the Haber process. There is a quiz at the end.

Smart materials used in wind turbines (BBC Class Clips)
Watch this video to find out how stealth materials that were designed for military aeroplanes are used in wind turbines.

Reversible reactions and equilibria - Bitesize
Read through these pages to revise what you have learned about reversible reactions and the contact process.

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