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Fuels from crude oil cartoon (BBC Bitesize)
Watch the cartoon to find out how crude oil is processed to form useful fuels. There is a short quiz at the end.

Polymers from oil revision cartoon (BBC Bitesize)
Watch the interactive cartoon to find out about how polymers (plastics) are made from chemicals that come from oil. There is a quiz at the end.

Oil strike game (RSC)
Follow the on-screen instructions to make as much money as possible in the oil industry, testing your knowledge and understanding of carbon chemistry along the way!

Products from oil (s-cool)
Follow the links to concise revision notes on products from oil, then have a go at the multiple choice questions and exam style questions.

Products from crude oil quizzes (Doc Brown)
Have a go at these quizzes to test your understanding of the chemistry of crude oil products.

Extracting oil (BBC Bitesize)
Read the information to find out more about the way that much of our oil is extracted from the crust.

Fractional distillation (BBC Bitesize)
Read this page to find out about the way that crude oil is separated into useful substances by a process called fractional distillation.

Complete and incomplete combustion
Read through the pages to find out about the differences between complete and incomplete combustion.

Alkanes (BBC Bitesize)
Read this page to find out about alkanes. The following page has information about the alkenes.

Alkenes and polymerisation (BBC Bitesize)
Read this page and the ones that follow to find out about the alkenes and how plastics like polythene are made. Then complete the quiz at the end.

Properties of polymers (BBC Bitesize)
Read these four pages to find out why certain polymers are well suited to particular uses because of their properties.

Alcohols: properties, reactions and related compounds
Click on the various links to find out more about alcohols, their properties and their reactions.

Esters (BBC Bitesize)
Read this page to find out how esters are made and what they produce when they are broken apart.

Alcohols - Bitesize
Read through these pages to review your learning on alcohols.

Fats and soap
Read through these pages to recap your learning about fats, emulsions and how to make soap.

Carboxylic acids and esters - Bitesize
Read through these pages to check your understanding of carboxylic acids and esters.

Fractional distillation (SCool)
Read this summary to remind yourself how oil is formed and how it is separated into useful fractions.

Polymerisation (SCool)
Read this summary to review your understanding of how plastics are made from many repeating units called monomers.

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