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Acids and bases revision cartoon (BBC Bitesize)
Watch the cartoon to find out more about the pH scale, acids, bases and salts.

Acids and alkalis (s-cool)
Follow the links to concise revision notes on acids and alkalis, then have a go at the multiple choice questions and exam style questions.

Acids and alkalis revision video (BBC Bitesize)
Watch the video clip to refresh your knowledge about acids and alkalis, and to find out more about the pH changes that are taking place in our oceans.

Acids and bases quizzes (Doc Brown)
Have a go at these quizzes to check your understanding of acids and bases.

Acids and bases (BBC Bitesize)
Read through the four pages to revise the important points about acids and bases and then have a go at the quiz at the end.

Making fertilisers (BBC Bitesize)
Read this page to find out how fertilisers are made using neutralisation reactions.

Strong and weak acids - Bitesize
Read through these pages to recap the difference between strong and weak acids.

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