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Sexual and asexual reproduction video clip (BBC Bitesize)
An interactive video clip that explains the differences between sexual and asexual reproduction (also called cloning).

Genetic modification (BBC Bitesize)
Learn what genetic modification is and why scientists do it.

Click here to read about and watch several short videos on cloning.

Asexual reproduction (BBC Bitesize)
A description of asexual reproduction in plants and animals. Linked pages also describe how the cloning of mammals is a type of asexual reproduction.

Cloning in animals (BBC Bitesize)
Learn how animals are cloned.

Cloning in plants (BBC Bitesize)
Learn how and why people clone plants.

Gene therapy (BBC Bitesize)
Learn how gene therapy can help treat some genetic disorders.

Biofuels (BBC Bitesize)
A description of how plant material can be used as a fuel (a biofuel) and a list of the reasons for and against their use.

Click here to read 15 questions and answers about the cloning process, ethics and potential uses.

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