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Animal and plant adaptations and behaviours (BBC)
Click here for an index page of over one hundred video clips of animal and plant adaptations and behaviours. Each clip has a short description.

Journey of mankind animation
Watch this animation to learn how man migrated from Africa.

Daily rhythm test (BBC)
Click here to take a test into your natural, daily rhythm (or circadian rhythm).

Adaptations (BBC Bitesize)
Learn how animals and plants are adapted to live in different environments.

The Jane Goodall Institute
Visit this website to learn about Jane Goodall and her work studying the behaviour of primates.

Pavlov's dogs
Visit this webpage to learn how Pavlov was awarded the Nobel Prize for his work with drooling dogs.

Konrad Lorenz
Click here to learn about Konrad Lorenz and how he discovered imprinting behaviour in young chicks.

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