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Microorganisms video clip (BBC Bitesize)
A video clip which shows students swab their personal possessions and innoculate agar plates to grow up cultures of bacteria.

Antibiotic resistance (BBC Bitesize)
Learn how some pathogens are evolving so rapidly that they are becoming resistant to our antibiotics.

Bacteria (BBC Bitesize)
Learn about bacteria and the diseases they cause.

Viruses (BBC Bitesize)
Learn about viruses and the diseases they cause.

Transmission of pathogen (BBC Bitesize)
Read about the different ways in which pathogens can be transmitted from one person to another.

Antibiotics and antiseptics (BBC Bitesize)
Learn the differences between antibiotics and antiseptics, how they were discovered and what they do.

Microorganisms for food (BBC Bitesize)
Open this webpage to learn how yeast is used to make bread and beer.

Fermentation (BBC Bitesize)
Learn the equation for fermentation and a summary of the process.

Bacteria and viruses (S-cool)
Click here to learn about common bacteria and viruses and how they make us sick.

Colds and the flu
Visit this website to learn the differences between colds and the flu.

Sciberbrain - Vaccinations
Microorganisms are on you all the time, but only some cause disease. Find out how your body’s immune system protects you from disease-causing microbes. See how vaccinations against diseases like measles and mumps can prevent you from catching diseases.

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