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Sexual and asexual reproduction video clip (BBC Bitesize)
An interactive video clip that explains the differences between sexual and asexual reproduction (also called cloning).

Germination video clip (BBC Bitesize)
The four different factors that affect germination and plant growth are explained in this video clip.

Photosynthesis video clip (BBC Bitesize)
Photosynthesis and some of the factors that affect the rate at which it happens are explained in this video clip and list of key points.

Diffusion (BBC Bitesize)
A description of osmosis using an animation and a rap. Examples of where diffusion occur in the human body are given.

Osmosis (BBC Bitesize)
A description of osmosis using an animation and a rap.

Active transport (BBC Bitesize)
An animation and key points which describe the process of active transport.

Phototropism in plants (BBC Bitesize)
A description of how plant hormones (auxins) help plants move towards the light (phototropism).

Plant structure (BBC Bitesize)
This site describes the different specialised tissues that plants possess to transport substances and for photosynthesis.

Photosynthesis (BBC Bitesize)
A summary of photosynthesis, including a description of the ways in which its rate can be altered and what plants do with the glucose they produce.

Plant hormones (BBC Bitesize)
An explanation of how hormones help plant shoots grow towards the light or roots into the ground, and also how they are used by man.

Biofuels (BBC Bitesize)
A description of how plant material can be used as a fuel (a biofuel) and a list of the reasons for and against their use.

Asexual reproduction (BBC Bitesize)
A description of asexual reproduction in plants and animals. Linked pages also describe how the cloning of mammals is a type of asexual reproduction.

Click PHOTOSYNTHESIS in box 2. Answer the questions as you go. There are links to exam questions and revision sheets.

Measuring the rate of photosynthesis
How can we measure the rates at which photosynthesis takes place?

Fertilisers (BBC Bitesize)
An explanation of what fertilisers are, how they work and the potential side effects of their overuse.

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