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Evolution video clip (BBC Bitesize)
A short video clip describing how Darwin's theory of evolution explains how species have changed over time.

Evolution video clip (BBC Bitesize)
An interactive video clip that explains Darwin's theory of evolution and how this can explain the adaptations of life on Earth.

Natural selection animation
Click the green 'run now' button to start a simulation of a rabbit population to show natural selection.

What is a species? (BBC Bitesize)
A definition of the term 'species' which is used in classification. Reasons why classification can be complicated are also given.

Variation (BBC Bitesize)
The differences between continuous and discontinuous variation, including examples in humans. Graphs of each type are seen.

Causes of variation (BBC Bitesize)
An explanation of how inherited and environmental factors can cause variation in humans. Sometimes both types of factors cause variation.

Evolution (BBC Bitesize)
A description of the key points that Darwin identified in his theory of evolution to explain how life on Earth has evolved.

Principles of classification
Click here to read about how and why scientists classify living organisms. Afterwards take the short quiz by clicking on the link at the bottom.

Sciberbrain - Evolution
Use these animated slides and commentary to understand Darwinís theory of evolution by natural selection. Find out how birdís beaks, moths and antibiotic-resistant bacteria all show evolution in action. Test your knowledge with the quiz and think about why some people still do not believe in evolution today.

What is that insect?
Fact files and information on how to identify different types of insects.

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