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Inside Cancer
Explore the prevention, causes, diagnosis and treatment of cancers.

Mitosis (BBC Bitesize)
An explanation of the process of mitosis using an animation and video clips to show what happens to chromosomes.

Diffusion (BBC Bitesize)
A description of osmosis using an animation and a rap. Examples of where diffusion occur in the human body are given.

Osmosis (BBC Bitesize)
A description of osmosis using an animation and a rap.

Meiosis (BBC Bitesize)
A detailed description of the steps in meiosis. An animation shows the movement of the chromosomes.

Mitosis and meiosis (BBC Bitesize)
A short video clips summarises the processes of mitosis and meiosis, It explains the similarities and differences between them.

Mitosis and meiosis video clip (BBC Bitesize)
An interactive video clip which describes how mitosis (one type of cell division) makes body cells and meiosis (the second type) makes ova and sperm cells.

Diffusion video clip (BBC Bitesize)
An interactive video clip which explains why diffusion occurs, what factors can affect its rate, and where it occurs in the body.

Stem cells (BBC Bitesize)
A description of stem cells and a brief introduction to treatments that might use them.

Protein synthesis (BBC Bitesize)
A short introduction to the process of protein synthesis, which explains how amino acids make up proteins.

Cell specialisation in plants (BBC Bitesize)
A description of cell specialisation in the meristems of plants.

Plant and animal cells (BBC Bitesize)
A description of plant and animal cells including the roles of cell components.

Stem cells
Read about and watch a short video clip which explains what stem cells are and how they are used in medicine.

Bacterial cells (BBC Bitesize)
A page of information on how bacterial cells differ to animal cells.

Sciberbrain - Stem cells
Listen to the commentary and look at the animated slideshow to see how a fertilised egg develops into all the different body tissues. Find out how stem cells may be used to treat heart disease, diabetes and spinal injuries.

Mitosis and meiosis animation
A short animation which shows how cell division occurs in mitosis and meiosis. Take the quiz below the animation after you have watched it.

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