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Balancing Game
Pick up the objects that fall into the water and try and use them to balance one another. Watch out for the octopus!

Pressure and moments crossword
Crossword on pressure and moments.

Simple machines
Find out more with this animated guide to simple machines and how they make work easier.

Mechanical madness
Can you complete these tasks using the mechanical components provided?

Goldburger to go game
Can you get this weird contraption to deliver lunch?

Tired weight
Calculate the weight of a car by using air pressure. This activity is not in metric.

Balance the beam!
Lift a heavy load with the least effort. What levers do you use in daily life?

Motorsport mathematics
How are forces related to cars?

Bitesize: Pressure
Read all about pressure. Then try the activity and do the test!

Bitesize: Moments
Read all about moments. Then try the activity and do the test!

Balancing Act Animation
Try to balance the beam with objects and masses, then play the game to test your knowledge!

Stability and centre of mass animation (School Physics)
Which will topple first? Watch the animation to find out how stability depends on the centre of mass.

Games from Scienceworld
Click the arrow in the top right hand corner to get to a game of your choice

How Stuff Works: Hydraulic Machines
Find out about hydraulics and how they are used in machines. Includes videos.

How Stuff Works: Hydraulic Brakes
Find out how hydraulics are used to make brakes work.

Find out more about levers.

Find out about moments and calculations.

Mechanics at a glance
A School Physics site with information about energy resources, forces and motion, how animals would fare in the Olympics and much more.

How Stuff Works - Hydraulic brakes
Read through the site to learn about how brakes work

Lever Principle Applet
Use the mass pieces to balance the symmetrical lever. Try different combinations to see what works.

Lifting lever part 1 worksheet
Have a go at this balancing experiment at home.

Lifting lever part 2 worksheet
You may wish to use this results recording page for the experiment detailed in part 1.

Condiment diver
Find out how to make the world's simplest Cartesian diver.

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