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Your weight on other worlds
Check your weight on any planet and find out why it differs.

Science of Cycling - Aerodynamics
Find out about aerodynamic drag on the cyclist.

Stopping distance PowerPoint
Three page slideshow summary of this learning objective. Very short but still quite useful

Goal Shots
A new interactive game tackling the interpretation of distance/time graphs in the context of a football match.

Forces in action from BBC Schools
Find out about the forces acting on a toy car with this interactive activity.

Kung Fu Science
Explore the physics behind Kung Fu with this very visual multimedia site. Some quite difficult science for this age group but might inspire some.

Amusement park physics
Find out more about the physics of amusement park rides. Look carefully, there are some of interactive activities to do.

Take a walk!
Investigate the effect of different surfaces on friction, an online experiment.

Fix the Space Station game
Use jets of gas to control a cosmonaut in space. Beware! Things move differently in space where there is no gravity.

Newton in action - friction
Watch these 4 short videos on friction.

Bitesize: Basic Forces
Work out how to avoid disaster in the gynastics event using your ideas about forces

Balanced and unbalanced forces
Find out about balanced and unbalanced forces with this animated interactive site. Can you save parkworld by using your learning?

Bitesize: What are forces?
Explore pages 1 - 3, carry on going if you like!

Bitesize: Balanced forces
Explore pages 5 and 6

Bitesize: Unbalanced forces
Revise unbalanced forces,

Stop that car!
Click the Start button then click Brake when the light turns red to see your thinking and braking distances.

Bitesize: Frictional forces
Read all about frictional forces. Then try the activity and do the test!

Bitesize: Forces Game
Use your knowledge of air resistance, balanced forces and gravity to help Carrie diffuse the situation.

Bitesize: Fricion
Use your knowledge of friction to get MI High's Carrie to the Invigatron before Beryl 'The Beefcake' Bagshot steals it!

Forces and Motion: Basics Animation
Play tug of war, then look at the effect of different forces and friction on different objects.

Funderstanding roller coaster
Explore forces as you design your own rollercoaster.

Lunar Lander Game
Can you land the lunar lander safely? Change the thrust and find as many safe landing sites as you can.

Mechanics at a glance
A School Physics site with information about energy resources, forces and motion, how animals would fare in the Olympics and much more.

Forces and Motion
Read about forces, motion and pressure and answer the questions.

Why boats float and elephants sink (buoyancy)
Buoyancy explained with a simple experiment

Forces - crossword puzzle
Try out this simple crossword puzzle on forces.

The great balloon race
Use the forces of thrust and gravity to control the flight of the balloon.

Speeding up and slowing down
Try this activity with your skateboard to find out more about forces.

Discover more about friction in everyday life then record how friction affects you.

Condiment diver
Find out how to make the world's simplest Cartesian diver.

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