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Gravity - the Universe's main attraction
Learn more about the force of gravity.

Your weight on other worlds
Check your weight on any planet and find out why it differs.

The gravity story
A wealth of information and some great interactive simulations all about gravity.

Newton in action - gravity
Watch these three short videos on gravity.

Pulling you down gravity
Have a go at these two simple activities to help your understanding of gravity.

Galileo drops the ball
Recreate Galileo's Pisa Experiment. Click on the picture to get started.

Gravity launch
Complete a number of tasks by controlling the thrust and angle of a rocket launch.

Moon olympics!
What would it be like to play sports on the Moon?

Weight, mass and gravity (Bitesize)
Find out about the difference between mass and weight.

Omega sector
Find the Omega Sector icon then try to get back to base, through hostile space

How stuff works: GPS
An explanation of how GPS receivers work, from the excellent Howstuffworks site. Much too complex for most KS3 pupils, but teachers will find it useful background.

Living in space
NASA site for kids and the public about living in space, including videos and simulations. Some material is quite complicated.

The physics of Aristotle versus the physics of Galileo
Find out how Galileo laid the foundation of our modern ideas on motion.

Find out about how objects fall by watching this fun animation set in Pisa.

On this day: man on the Moon
Video archive from BBC News Online, showing Neil Armstrong & Buzz Aldrin on the moon, with other archive info

The origin of the Moon
Interesting and accessibly written site from the US public TV programme NOVA about the origin of the moon, giving the main theories considered.

Simultaneous drop of two objects with different masses
Watch these 2 videos about hos objects with different masses fall.Needs Quicktime to work.

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