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Astronomy for kids
Useful information about the Solar System, planets and phases of the moon.

Blockbusters quiz on the Earth and Solar System
Click on the letters and answer the questions - try to make it across the board!

Earth, Sun and Moon
Play around with this interactive demo to see how the Earth moves around the Sun.

How the Earth and Moon move around the Sun
Watch a cartoon to find out about the orbits of Earth, Sun and Moon. Then take a quiz.

Blockbusters quiz on the Sun, Moon, Earth
Click on the letters and answer the questions - try to make it across the board!

The Scale of the Universe
Play this animation to find out about your place in the Universe using the animation.

Find out how stars and galaxies form, explore the surface of the Moon and much more.

Solar Eclipse animation
Learn about how eclipses happen with this video

The Earth Learning Idea
Click on the category to select from the activities for teaching Earth in Space, seismology, and the structure of the Earth.

Asteroid impact simulator
Make your own impact crater by changing gthe speed, angle of impact and material of the asteroid.

The Solar Systems
The BBC's extremely rich solar system site, with lots of info on the sun, planets, asteroids etc., lovely photos and games including a solar system jigsaw

The Solar System from
Solar system pages from rich kids' astronomy website. Includes information about our moon and other planets' satellites, also comets and asteroids, also a Make a Solar System game

Kids' astronomy
An excellent, comprehensive and rich astronomy site for children with information, resources and games on a wide variety of topics. Activities for a variety of ages & levels including primary school. Adverts can be annoying.

Telescopes from the ground up
Find out about how telescopes have developed over the last 400 years.

Naked scientists
Podcasts, articles, interviews, answers to your questions on a wide variety of topics.

Astronomy at a glance
A School Physics site with information about comets, eclipses, tides and much more.

Phase of the Moon
This website allows you to research the phases of the moon on your own. You can download a worksheet to help you. There are pictures, text, and videos to watch too.

The phases of the Moon
Watch an animation explaining the phases of the Moon.

The origin of the Moon
Interesting and accessibly written site from the US public TV programme NOVA about the origin of the moon, giving the main theories considered.

Day and Night Animation (School Physics)
Watch the animation of day and night

The phases of the Moon Animation (School Physics)
Watch the animation that shows the phases of the Moon and why we see them

Build your own space exploration fleet
Make models of space exploration craft. Rated easy to challenging, some are even edible.

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