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Hotter or colder
Game in which kids estimate temperatures of e.g. a freezer, melting ice. An entertaining introductory activity to the use of melting and boiling points to separate mixtures

Conductors and insulators (Bitesize)
Learn about heat conductors and insulators and what they are used for.

Thermal energy transfer (Bitesize)
Find out about conduction, convection and radiation on this animated page.

How does heat energy move?
Find out about conduction, convection and radiation on this animated page.

Heat and temperature (Bitesize)
Find out about temperature and heat.

Hot spots (Science Snack experiment)
Find out how radiated energy can be focused like light.

Heat transfer by conduction, convection and radiation
Find out about conduction, convection and radiation with this animated interactive activity.

Temperature game
Can you matching objects to their temperature?

How is heat energy transferred?
Find out how heat energy is transferred from one object to another. Watch this animation.

Heat and expansion
What happens to bridges when it's very hot? Watch this to find out.

Launch ball game from the Science Museum
This is an absolutely fantastic site. Packed with brilliant puzzles and games to play and create for your friends. Highly recommended.

Blockbusters quiz on heat and conduction
Click on the letters and answer the questions - try to make it across the board!

Changes of state animation
Watch the animation and describe the arrangement and movement of the particles in the solid, liquid and gas. Click the labels below the graph to see the states of matter or any of the changes.

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