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Sounds amazing
A nice site designed to help students to understand sound and waves, very well presented. There are acoustic and audio related web demonstrations and experiments.

The ear pages
Exploration of the ear and hearing on the Nobel Prize site, based on the work of Medicine Prizewinner Georg von Bekesy. Videos, simulations and a quiz.

Ocean odyssey
Launch the game to help Mel get her voice back by leaning about sound.

Blockbusters quiz on light and sound
Click on the letters for questions on light and sound and work your way across the board.

Blockbusters quiz on sound and hearing
Click on the letters and answer the questions - try to make it across the board!

Doc Brown's quiz on sound and hearing
Questions on sound waves, pitch/frequency, loudness/amplitude, comparing speed of light/sound, hearing and the function of ear.

Games from Scienceworld
Click the arrow in the top right hand corner to get to a game of your choice

How to make paper noise
A fun experiment to make sound with paper

Making noise
How to make some screeching sounds

How stuff works: hearing
This article shows the mechanical systems that make hearing possible and traces the path of a sound, from its source to your brain. Nice animation of sound travelling though air.

Background information on sound
Answers to some commonly asked questions about sound.

Sound at a glance
Learn about sound, the ear and much more!

All about Sound (School Physics)
Read all about the ear, echoes, speed of sound, loudness and frequency, then do the problems by filling in the gaps.

Changing sounds
Read about changing sounds. Then answer some questions and try to fill the blanks on the worksheet.

Introduction to what sound is
Animations show how sound travels through the air.

Parts of the ear
The Ear diagram to label.

Sound investigation
Complete the worksheet activity on sound.

Making a sound sandwich!
Make your sound sandwich and practice changing the notes that you can play.

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