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Basic circuits, series and parallel and circuit challenges
Introduction to series circuits from, with a quiz and an interactive exercise.

Power up! Circuits
Work through the section on circuits then try building your own!

Fuses and circuit breakers
Find out about fuses and circuit breakers with this animated slideshow .

Electric current and voltage (Bitesize)
Revise charge, symbols, current and voltage then try the activity and take the test.

The electricity book - looking at simple circuits
Find out about simple circuits. What goes on inside a light bulb.

Building circuits
Learn about components and build circuits on this animated interactive site.

230V and all things electrical
A website full of electrical safety advice and information about electricity.

Conductors and insulators
Find out about conduction and insulation with this series of animated, interactive slides.

Simple circuits
Find out about simple circuits with this animated interactive introduction.

Circuit experiments
Build the different circuits and see what happens!

Bitesize: Charge and current
Read all about charge and current. Then try the activity and do the test!

Bitesize: Circuit Symbols and Diagrams
Read all about circuit symbols and diagrams Then try the activity and do the test!

Bitesize: Series and Parallel Circuits
Read all about series and parallel circuits. Then try the activity and do the test!

Bitesize: Measuring Current and Voltage
Read all about measuring current and voltage. Then try the activity and do the test!

Bitesize: Current in Series Circuits
Read all about current in series circuits. Then try the activity and do the test!

Electrical safety world
A great, easy to use and fun site on electrical safety. Start in the For Kids section to find out all about electricity.

Circuits game (Bitesize)
Use your knowledge of electrical circuits to help MI High's Oscar recover his lost camera

Changing and testing circuits
Find out how changing components affects a simple circuit.

Electrical conductors game (Bitesize)
Find out about circuits and conductors with this interactive activity.

Circuits, conductors and insulators
Test different objects in an electric circuit to see if they are condutors. Then take a quiz.

Circuit Construction Kit Animation
Run the animation and build circuits. Look at where the charges are before the circuit works. Experiment with different components.

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