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Compounds and mixtures Bitesize
Good revision material on compounds, mixtures and separating. Try the multiple choice quiz to test your knowledge.

Endothermic and exothermic reactions - Bitesize video
Watch this short video clip to help you to understand exothermic and endothermic reactions.

Chemical reactions and equations 2
Read about chemical reactions and balancing equations and then try a quiz.

Extraction of Metals
A guide on how some metals are extracted from their ores, with links to pages on some common metals. Uses symbol equations.

Chemical reactions and equations
Gives information on writing word and balancing simple symbol equations.

Types of reaction (s-cool)
Read through the descriptions of different chemical reactions so that you know to recognise them.

Classic chembalancer
Use this activity to find out how to write balanced symbol equations.

Electrolysis experiments
Animations showing different electrolysis reactions and testing the products.

Chemical Reactions
Read the information about chemical reactions and rates of reaction, and then try the quiz. Also pages on catalysts.

Chemical vs physical changes.
Gives an overview of the difference between a chemical and a physical change.

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