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Blockbusters - Metals and metal compounds
Click the i button for instructions.

Doc Brown - Reactions of acids word equations
Scroll down the page to see a summary of the different types of reactions that acids take part in. Then copy and complete the word equations and click the hyperlink to check your answers.

Reactions of metals - the reactivity series (s-cool)
Read the text and watch the animations to find out how observing metals react with other substances can allow you to make a reactivity series.

Displacement reactions (s-cool)
Read the text and watch the animations to learn about displacement reactions.

Metal Ores
You can find out about many different metal ores, their formulae, properties and uses and use the links to other pictures and information

Language of Chemistry: Metal Carbonates and dilute Acid
Simple explanation of the reaction between acids and metal carbonates, with an exercise and a quiz

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